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We have a network of female volunteers all over the United States & while we post many of their gorgeous images in our photo blog, we also love to give our supporters a chance to share their personal shots!  You don't have to be a pro to share your images with us!  More details below.

These ladies are just the beginning of the amazing Troop of Bombshells we have in New Hampshire.  We are excited to see them grow and have even more amazing ladies helping to make this crazy world just a little better.  Thank you ladies!!


Gorgeous, ladies!! Way to spread The Bombshells' mission over in New Hampshire!! We're taking over!! Love you girls!

07/27/2014 2:21pm

Beautiful Ladies!
Nice, very nice!

08/23/2014 12:44pm

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08/25/2014 1:15am

Exactly what I thought, re: whiteness.

08/27/2014 7:46am

Different societies and their respective cultures and subcultures elaborate and interpret human psychobiological responses (twitches, raised eyebrows, squints) to stimuli quite differently.

08/28/2014 9:52am

The part I'm bad at is what to do with that information.

08/28/2014 12:44pm

When one is frightened, the eyes show it.

09/17/2014 8:42am

36 ! Was I surprised? I guess if you are a "visual learner".

09/25/2014 11:57am

I scored 22/36 so I decided to break down the wrong answers by gender and assign the correct answers a negative, neutral and positive value for the state implied.

09/28/2014 8:49pm

You can't see it chlearly enough in these photos compared to a live person.

10/10/2014 7:54pm

I scored high by using a couple of tricks: I lightened the contrast of my computer screen to get a better read of the eyes.

11/15/2014 8:45am

It's definitely ethnocentric. I have friends from other cultures (notably Asian countries) and noticed that their parents did not smile one single bit at my friends' weddings - if you had looked at their eyes or faces you would have said they were upset.

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08/07/2014 7:04am

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