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Share Your Image!

We have a network of female volunteers all over the United States & while we post many of their gorgeous images in our photo blog, we also love to give our supporters a chance to share their personal shots!  You don't have to be a pro to share your images with us!  More details below.

We're with you, buddy!  Time for some relaxation! 
Yes, yes, YES!  We love this submission!  Keep 'em coming animal lovers!  We love your animals, I mean family, too!!  For details on how to submit your photo, please visit our home page!
Two-Fer-One!  A Tattooed Tuesday shot AND an animal lover shot!  We dig! 
One of our favorite shots!!  Bark, Bark!!  ...I mean, RAWR!!  Keep sending us your submissions!  Details on our website. are huge supporters of Pinups For Pitbulls




We love this pussycat!!  Share your favorite pinup photo!!  Details on our website!
We donate thousands of dollars every year to animal rescue and support from proceeds we collect at our annual Outlaws For Paws benefit usually in August and always at the infamous Knuckleheads Saloon!! 
Who wouldn't be!?!  Can you say SPOILED!!  Love it!!



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Whether your a photographer, model, or just posing in front of the bathroom mirror, send us your Hump Day shot!  Details on our website!